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Dear Friend,

It's chaos, and you're at risk.

Here's the problem and why this "economic disease" will eat away at your U.S. bank account...

Mike Walters
Staff Writer

You see, banks only keep a tiny fraction of deposited money physically on hand in the vault... but they're allowed to lend out as much as TEN TIMES what they have!

It's a banking system the Fed invented in 1913 called "fractional interest"...

So -- That means that if the majority of people in a city all went to the bank to take their money out, that there wouldn't be enough actual money in the bank to give them!

Word quickly spreads, panic would ensue and people would rush to try and get money from the bank... This is a bank run.

And only 1 out of 10 people will get their money when it happens... 

So ask yourself this:

  • Do you know how to spot a potential bank run?
  • What's your plan for dealing with it?
  • Will you be able to get to your money?
  • Where will you turn when the food runs out?
  • How will you survive without the cash you need to feed your family?

If you can't answer these basic questions, then you're at extreme risk of being victimized and left to fend for yourself due to a bank run.

And please don't think the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) will bail you out...

Even though they're supposed to insure your deposit in the bank, (replacing lost deposits should something – like a bank run – happen to your bank) if the crisis is large enough they'll be belly up too!

In fact, because of the last rounds of bailouts, the FDIC has actually admitted to being basically insolvent – some protection right?

That's why I want to rush you my new report absolutely free.

It's called "What To Do In A Bank Run" and it's filled with all the information you'll need to keep you, your loved ones and your hard earned wealth intact during a crisis.

Before you see all the "must have" information that's packed into this report, I'd like to take a minute to introduce myself...

My name is Mike Walters, editor-at-large of one of the leading websites in the world for practical information on living and surviving in hard times (economic and otherwise).

In a minute you'll see why I want to give you this report for free...

But first, take a look at just some of the wealth saving information you'll get in "What To Do In A Bank Run":

  • The nuts and bolts of a modern day bank run... knowing this information will help you act faster to get your money before the banks shut their doors during a "run".
  • The differences between a bank run caused by a failing bank versus one caused by a failing currency – including how to prepare, and what to do when each one happens.
  • What the numbers in your bank balance really mean. (Hint: they are not an account of the money you have deposited with the bank – they are debt!)
  • The reason banks don't actually hold much cash – and their funny "accounting system" you need to know about to protect your hard earned savings.
  • Why more than 90% of bank customers will never get their money if there's a bank run – and how to put yourself in the 10% that does!
  • Why you can't rely on the FDIC to safeguard your wealth in the event of a crisis even though they supposedly insure your money up to $100,000.
  • Who really foots the bill when banks fail. You do! You saw it happen 4 years ago when the Government bailed out all those corrupt Wall Street banks. Will it happen again? You can bet on it.

Your free copy of "What To Do In A Bank Run" will also reveal:

  • The secret websites that give instant information on which banks are on solid financial footing. Every bank's rated on a scale from one to five stars so you know instantly if your money is safe!
  • Moving your money from a "broken bank" to a safer one? It could take up to one month... unless you follow these 3 simple steps...
  • The sneaky ways the news media reveal the health of your bank, and how to read between the lines to stay ahead of a bank run and keep your money safe.
  • What it really means when your bank starts charging new fees and raising prices on services - Hint: They're not in it for the money they're making off of you!
  • A 30 second way to test the health of your bank. This tip was invented by an Argentine who survived his country's crash by "testing the safety" of his money earlier than everyone else!
  • A local institution that's safer than a bank. (There's one just miles away from you).
  • The mammoth flaw in the FDIC. The FDIC was created in 1933 by Franklin D. Roosevelt to protect people like you and me. It insures your bank deposits up to $250,000. However -- what the politicians failed to realize was this ugly loophole that doesn't actually insure you money at all!
  • A secret section of the FDIC's website that essentially reveals which banks are so dangerously weak that you should move your cash out of them NOW!
  • Got caught off guard by a bank run? We have the back up plan you need right here.
  • Where to move your money (outside of banks) to keep it as safe as possible...
  • The maximum amount of money you should hold in any of your bank accounts to keep it as protected as possible... anything over this limit is NOT insured or protected.
  • How much actual cash you should keep in your home for emergencies.
  • Discover how to prepare yourself now with the simple survival skills necessary to thrive in "informal economy" that will occur after the banks topple... it's as easy as planting a garden and sewing a button...
  • Exactly which type of gold and silver coins to buy that WON'T get confiscated by the government in a crisis. And don't think confiscation can't happen – Roosevelt did it in the 1930's!
  • The quick "emergency steps" to take if you're caught unprepared during a bank run.
  • And much, much more...

You simply cannot afford to be caught unprepared in today's current troubled financial climate.

Fact is, the talking heads on both sides of the aisle have let us down... it's not a matter of IF the economy and banking system will fail... but when.

Without the info in the "What To Do In A Bank Run" report you're a sitting duck. So grab your free copy of this hard-hitting report now.

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Mike Walters

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